Ghana Olympiad Academy

Mathleticus Process

The 2 lowest‑ranked students are paired; a question is read and projected, and students are given 45 seconds to solve the problem. A student may buzz in at any time, and if s/he answers correctly, a point is scored. If a student answers incorrectly, the other student has the remainder of the 45
seconds to answer.

A total of 3 questions are read to the pair of students, 1 question at a time, and the student who scores the higher number of points (not necessarily 2 out of 3) progresses to the next round and challenges the next-higher‑ranked student.

If students are tied in their matchup after 3 questions (at 1‑1 or 0‑0), questions should continue to be read until one is successfully answered. The first student who answers an additional question correctly progresses to the next round.

This procedure continues until the 4th-ranked Mathlete and his/her opponent compete. For the final 4 matchups, the first student to correctly answer 3 questions advances.

Payment Options (Cedi Account)

1)  Fidelity Bank 
Name: AB Review 
Acc No. 1050024600998 
Branch: Tema, C.1 Ref: 
Name of Candidate and School 

2) Dial *776*100# (Merchant Code 1703) 
AB Review 
Ref: Name of Candidate and School.

It is important you include the reference details for easy tracking.

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